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From 1989 through 2004 I was a studio artist. I worked as a sculptor painter and as a photographer. I ran a crafts business too design and fabricating garden stakes, furniture and jewelry . I used my photographs as source material for my work- though as the years went on photography became my medium of choice. I gave up my studio and traded my welding gear for better photo gear , than took off around the world shooting. I ended up in New Orleans and made it my base in 2007.
I sill have the urge to go into art supply stores and buy paint I don't need and fondle a few paint brushes... and the smell of a welders shop is like perfume to me- however my love for photography keeps me shooting.
Artist Statement : I am documenting mankind’s demise through photography, video, and the written word. My work illustrates Man’s disregard for social justice and negligence toward the planet.I began seeing the world through a viewfinder when I was a child, using my fingers to create a circle that I held to my eye to frame compositions. Now I use a digital camera.

My lifelong interest in natural history drew me to New Orleans to document a Tulane University collection in 2006. The devastation left in Hurricane Katrina’s wake opened my eyes to society’s disconnect with science and the part we play in climate change.

Since 2008, my work has focused on social injustice and signs of anthropogenic environmental degradation that has led to climate disruption. I document social, political, and environmental change. My growing body of work illustrates the connection between climate change and mass protests.

I hunt for the archetype in the landscape and find hints of the apocalypse in the world around me. I juxtapose the mundane and the extraordinary. My work captures humanity at its most vulnerable, exposed and uncensored. I find beauty in the grotesque and power in the poignant details that make up history unfolding around me. My photographs search for catharsis in the stillness of the aftermath and present tragedy, mixed with irony once the action has subsided.

Since the 2010 BP spills in the Gulf of Mexico, I have been documenting the fossil fuel industry, both existing and new installations, and controversial developments including the Keystone XL pipeline and hydraulic fracturing. I document the people directly affected, who have lost faith in the regulatory agencies meant to protect them. Many have become activists, fighting for their families and the greater good once they understand the impact the fossil fuel industry's expansion has on climate change. My photographs of industry and those affected by it serve as documentation of Man's role in creating climate change and environmental degradation. This series documenting the continued expansion of the fossil fuel industry serves as visual testimony that humanity is courting imminent disaster.

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