Dark Tourism { 13 galleries }

Dark tourism is tourism geared to dark places. Here is a link to a project I did on the topic. Memorial Sites: New York to Nairobi . The book is illustrated with photographs of memorial sites shot around the world . The book was made for exhibition at the Center for Architecture on the even of the anniversary of 9/11 in anticipation of the memorial at Ground Zero. In it are
essays by Rick Bell , the former director of the Center for Architecture, and Tracey Hummer, the shows curator. http://www.blurb.com/b/392829-memorial-sites-new-york-to-nairobi-photographs-by-j

My series on dark tourism continues to grow. It is impossible for me to keep up with the new sites popping up around the world commemorating atrocious acts perpetrated by mankind.

If you would like to purchase prints or license any of the images on this site please contact Julie Dermansky at jsdart@mac.com. Cutting/copying/pasting images for media/web sites/blog use without permission constitutes copyright theft.

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