Life Tabernacle Church Defies Shelter in Place Despite Virus { 23 images } Created 29 Mar 2020

Here are photos shot outside of the LIfe Tabernacle Church in Central Louisiana on Sunday the 29. After the service the pastor's father Timothy Spell denied that holding services was a matter of safety becuase , after all- people are going to Walmart, Home Depot and the Winn Dixie near by, so what they are doing is no different. I stood there thinking- wait, isn't their a proverb about just this kind of thing?-- "Two wrongs don't make a right.” - To me this churches and the White House are demonstrating lack of leadership that will be measurable by the body count. I hope the Louisiana State Gov. John Bel Edwards finds it inside himself to lead on this and do what needs to be done to stop this from continuing. This is type of gathering is what scientists have labeled a 'super spreading event."
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